Friday, June 25, 2010

Love is what you call it...

“Going down the streets I come across a bright light……..its love that is surrounding me to go through…..”

Love…..A word very small but has got a lot to say from it. 

People fall in love, they rise up from love, hearts break, gets smashed sometime but still love lives in some corner of their heart. When you say someone you love her mean it, b’coz it means a lot to that person. Love is not mere feeling, it is a reason to live and even a reason to die. Love is that you can never measure nor a lover can ever say how much he loves her love.

With time the way to express love has change but the feeling is still the same, your heart beats for your lover.

Once a man has won a woman's love, the love is his forever.  He can only lose the woman.  ~Robert Brault


For some expressing love is very simple but for some its one of the most difficult task in this world, its like solving the most toughest SUDOKU puzzle, you try and try but at last you give up, and that the point where fear to lose love wins over love. Why can’t a person sometime give love a chance to win….go ahead express your love.

Death and love both can strike you any time, even in the crowded Broadway.

If you think Love is a mistake then go ahead make such a sweet mistake ….simply in your entire life you make so many silly mistakes, take a chance for this one too, who knows LOVE might be the best mistake you have ever done.


  1. very true bout woman's love,Love is a part of man's life its woman's whole existance!

  2. well i lyk ds post.....its vry expressv and i thnk dat i m also falln in love wd sum1 i no...

  3. I agree with u that for few pple expressing love can be very simple but for pple like me its the most difficult task on the planet....
    Well....nice post!!!!

  4. The quote is very nice about the fact that when a woman falls in love with a men, the love is with the man forever. And I really like the part that if love is a mistake, let it be a sweet mistake.

    I feel a bit confused at the long distance relationship with my boyfriend, but this is the exact idea that I have been holding on to.